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The New Life Mode for Human Being has Come into Being


1.Where is the exact address of your community?...


2.Does the Second Home only belong to China?...


3.Does Chinese government know about the Second Home, what do they think about the community?...


4. I’m interested in the new life mode of New Oasis for Life, I would like to make a visit to your community...


5.If allowed, can I choose my favorite branch to visit?...


6.Are all members chanyuan celestials in the Second Home?...


7.Do you have foreign residents (such as English speakers) living in the community now?...


8.I’m living out of China and I want to come for a visit, If I like the life there, may I live as a resident? ...


9.There is no more traditional “family” in the Second Home... I’m wondering how does the Husband-and-wife relationship broke automatically when living in your community?...






An Invitation to Global Communities for Alliance with the Second Home



The Media,the Government,and Worthy people of the Society are Expected to Pay More Attention to Lifechanyuan






FAQ on the Second Home



1. Q: Where is the exact address of New Oasis For Life -- the Second Home of Lifechanyuan? Are all these three branches located in Yunnan? Do you have plan to set up more branches in other provinces of China?

A: New Oasis For LIFE--the Second Home of Lifechanyuan presently has three branches in Yunnan, China. They are located at suburbs of Anning, Chuxiong and Lincang city. Please check here for the details. At the moment we don’t have plan to set up new branches in Yunnan or other provinces in China. We have a vision to set up 256 branches all over the world, with two branches in each country approximately. However, we are flexible and will make plan in accordance with specific conditions, which means once the conditions are met or the timing is right, we’ll take advantage of the opportunities. There could be different possibilities, for example, cooperating with communities of other countries or working with new partners who have the same ideal.【BACK


2, Q: Does the Second Home only belong to China? Do you have residents who come from overseas? Will you build new branches abroad?

A: No, New oasis for life -- the Second Home does not belong to China or Chinese people, it doesn’t belong to any country, religion, political party or nation either. It belongs to the earth and all human beings. It’s not an organization, it’s a big harmonious family and a community that welcomes all people who are honest, diligent, kind, sincere and trustworthy from all around the world. At present we have a few residents from US, New Zealand living with us (they are native Chinese speakers). We also have chanyuan celestials who are now living in Canada and visitors from France, Switzerland, Germany, US, India and Thailand that had come or will come visit us. They like our community very much and always tell us that they’re happy and grateful having a very nice experience here. They can feel that the peaceful, simple and happy life is attractive and the happiness and contention are flowing from deep of our members’ heart. Some of them decide to come back and live with us once they have the opportunity. We’ll set up new branches around the world in future, total 256 branches and then members will be transferred to a different branch every three years, where they can enjoy the beauty of experiencing our wonderful community life all over the world!BACK


3, Q: Does Chinese government know about the Second Home, what do they think about the community? Are they supportive or against this New Oasis For Life?

A: Yes since Lifechanyuan is founded, Chinese government knows the Second Home quite well. From central government to the local government of Yunnan, they all know the Second Home and have treated us very friendly. We’re grateful that Chinese government is quite open-minded and friendly, we have been keeping a harmonious relationship with the government. One of the very important values of Lifechanyuan is that all activities of Lifechanyuan should be in the scope of government management. Lifechanyuan is not a political or religionary organization, we don’t attend any political or religionary activities and will never do that. Chinese government permits the existence of our community and provide an open policy to give convenience and support our community’s freely development.BACK


4, Q: I’m interested in the new life mode of New Oasis for Life, I would like to make a visit to your community, do you have any requirements or conditions?

A: Once you’re interested in this new life mode created by Lifechanyuan, and once you’re resonating with us at the same frequency when reading the articles or 800 values or part of them that have touched your heart, please don’t hesitate to contact us and you’re free to visit us anytime throughout the year. We’re open to all visitors regardless your country, nation, religion, race, or background, you’re welcome to visit and experience our community life. Normally we provide a tidy room for each guest and meals (2 meals a day), all basic life supplies for free, you needn’t worry about the costs when living here and can take our community as your home.BACK

5, Q: If allowed, can I choose my favorite branch to visit?

A: If you have enough time, we suggest you to visit all our three branches since they’re not far from each other. Each of them has its different environment and unique beauty. It’s about 2.5 hours drive from the 1st branch to the 3rd branch and around 7 hours’ drive from the 3rd to 4th. All these three branches are open to visitors. They are located near three cities as we introduced above, among them the 1st branch is the closest to Kunming where the international airport is available. So you may plan your schedule based on these information and we believe you’ll have a happy journey! If your time is limited, you may choose the one that’s the most convenient for you. At least the 1st and 3rd branches are so close that you may visit them together. BACK

6,Q: Are all members chanyuan celestials in the Second Home, can anyone who’s not chanyuan celestial come to live in your community? If he/she wants to live longer or as a permanent member, what’s the policy for him/her to follow?

A: Yes all residents of our community are chanyuan celestials, which means they’ve read through chanyuan corpus and 800 values, they’re sharing the same values and resonating the same frequency with each other, they believe in the Greatest Creator and walk on the way of the Greatest Creator, they’re coming for devoting themselves to realizing the same dream, a beautiful ideal -- to lead the earth into a new era -- when everyone on earth can have a happy, joyful, free and blessed life and has a beautiful bright future! If you’re not chanyuan celestial, you can live for a short period as a visitor, then you may decide if you’d like to apply for a chanyuan celestial for the long-term living.  But for people who come from abroad and would like to live longer, as long as they’ve got a legitimate visa, they’re free to choose living in our community as long as they like.BACK

7,Q: Do you have foreign residents (such as English speakers) living in the community now? If yes, do they like the way of your life and how do they think about the community?

A: Presently we don’t have residents who are native English speakers in our community but we have some members who can speak English in each branch. Also people, including kids and the Old people, are studying some daily English sentence and words to prepare themselves for communicating with a lot of foreigners who’re coming to visit our community. Yes there are visitors from France, Switzerland, Germany, US, India and Thailand who have come or will come to visit us. They are from different background and the age varies. They had a good experience here and some of them said they would love to come back and live in our community for longer. We also have people who are interested in setting up a new community branch out of China, they’re planning to visit us and live with us for several months this year. We believe once the world knows the Second Home completely and thoroughly, there will be a lot of people who come to visit and experience our community life in future.BACK

8, Q: I’m living out of China and I want to come for a visit, If I like the life there, may I live as a resident? Would you charge me for the living expense in such case and how much is it? And what is your suggestion for the visa extension, can it be extended locally in Yunnan?

A: Welcome to visit our community and yes you may live here for months, as long as your visa is OK. We don’t charge you for the basic expenses. We provide two meals a day, free accommodation (separate bedroom for each person) and daily-used products such as toothbrush, shampoo, soap etc., they’re all free. If you need extra thing which is not provided by our community, we can purchase it for you and it would be at your own expense. At the same time, the visitors’ donations of their choice is welcome. Such donations will be utilized for the community development and spreading it to many countries.

Visitors are encouraged to walk around to get a glimpse first, and then experience the community life by working with us (6 hours per day, 6 days per week), and they are free to communicate with our members. They’re also free to attend our Values study and the weekly life meeting, our monthly party and any special activities. We’ll regard them as our brothers or sisters and make them feel at home.

In terms of the visa extension, China embassy’s policy are different depending on countries. Normally for a tourist visa, it’s ok to extend it at least once locally for 1 month. For some countries the first visa can be 3 months and extend again in China for 1-3 months. For some countries maybe just 1 month each time. Yes the extension can be applied locally here but it’s better to check the information with local China embassy before you come. BACK

9, Q: There is no more traditional “family” in the Second Home. Husband-and-wife relationship pattern is broken automatically when the couple start living in the community, and they become independent of each other. ” I read this from your article A New Life Mode of Human Being Has Come Into Being, I’m wondering how does the Husband-and-wife relationship broke automatically when living in your community? Do you have couples in your community now and what did you do to make it happen that each of them will be independent and not attached to each other any more? Do they have to follow some specific rules?

A: All activities of the Second Home are open and made public to the whole society. Couples who want to join the community and experience this new life mode are encouraged to apply for chanyuan celestials together, thus once the other conditions are met, they can come live in the community. Lifechanyuan Values are support anyone who is chasing a happy, joyful, free and blessed life, so we’re not here to break their relationship by forcebut to establish a harmonious relationship between people. So Love couldn’t only be shared between two persons or a small group of people, however, it must be shared among everyone in this big family. We have had several couples in our home since the community was established, and they knew our values quite well before they came, so they were prepared for converting the old relationship into a new one, which is a more trustful, free , happy and harmonious relationship between husband and wife, or partners.

We don’t have rules that require them to follow strictly, but narrow love for two or several people are not allowed in our community. If some couples can’t meet this requirement at the beginning, our guide will lead them and give them time to adapt and adjust. We study new articles of our guide and 800 values every Monday and Wednesday to make our consciousness ordered and keep a clear mind that we’re moving toward our ideal not the opposite way of it. Such study helps beautifying our soul garden too. The core values like removing the jealousy, complaint and anger are not only slogan, but for us to practice in real life. And only by practicing it entirely can our community a real pure and wonderful homeland. So far the results are quite good, many couples are living separately in three branches and they adapted it quite well and now live happily. We don’t apply traditional management method in our community because the most beautiful part of human nature can only be motivated through proper guide. If there are some people who can’t accept it or can’t realize this in their real life, our guide will suggest them to leave the community and go back to the secular world to continue their previous life. After all this community is founded for starting a new life mode and we won’t compromise on our core principles. At the same time we don’t want to force anybody if they really can’t reach the requirements. So make a suitable choice is the best way for each side. Mutual respect is very important. One of our most important principle is that everything is done based on personal will here, we don’t impose one’s personal will on anyone else, especially our guide or branch directors, they will never do that.BACK

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