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Join Your Talent and Wisdom Into the Creating of Lifechanyuan Era

Publisher: tongxin | Publish time: 2011-1-12 10:34| Views: 4679| Num of Comments: 2|Thread manage logs

Join Your Talent and Wisdom Into the Creating


There is a saying in ancient time, “The wise bird chooses its branch,and the wise official chooses the great sovereign.” Now we say, “The wise man chooses right road, and the wise bird chooses auspicious place.” The human civilization should step into a higher level.

5000 years of human history is a history of tears and blood, and the ignorant era should come to an end.

Tracing back, we find that the roots of these disasters are religions, countries,political parties and families; and the fundamental root lies in the chaos of ideology. Everyone thinks what he found is the only truth. If we can not end such situation, human can never cast off such vicious circle.

The era when we appraise everything “by man rather than by law” should be ended. Now we should advocate, “Law is above everything”.

Law refers to all charters passed by U.N., all constitutions promulgated by countries. However, the most fundamental law is the law of Tao--the principle of Tao, which surpasses all constitutions. It works as the law of the universe and the law of LIFE. And we should take this principle as the standard of our words and deeds.  

What are rules of Tao and LIFE? The words and wisdoms of Jesus,Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu have expounded some rules of Tao, but it still needs to be perfected. This requires a large group of talents and wisdoms to accomplish this mission, to inherit and carry forward the wisdoms of Jesus,Sakyamuni, Mohammed and Lao Tzu.

The Bible, The Koran, Tao Te Ching and the Buddhist Scriptures are crystallization of human wisdom, but none of these classics can contain all the connotation of the law of Tao. Only when we digest all these classics and integrate them with the achievement of modern science and the wisdom of present sages, can we approach to truth and find the relatively right path.

The talents and wisdoms refer to the people who have surpassed the instinct, desire, emotion and rational thinking. They are the main stay of the civilized society, the guardian of the morality, the vindicator of the peaceful order, the defender of truth, the disseminator of wisdom, pioneer of the civilization and the inaugurator of the new era. They have characters of sensibility,modesty, plainness, peace, obliging, simplicity, diligence and tenaciousness.  

The features of Lifechanyuan era are: the religions,countries,political parties and families will disappear; regardless of nationalities or races, the whole world will become a big family and live in harmony; there will be only one global government; the systems of management and coordination will be Lifechanyuan + worldly government; all people will revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE and nature; All people will join into one family and one government; "the talented won’t be abandoned away from government; honesty prevails throughout the world and no one pockets anything found on the road;doors unnecessarily to be locked in the evening for no thieves drop in; a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend"; everyone shows his talents; people get together for friendship instead of constructing clique to seek private interest;  Gods, Buddha, nature and people, they co-exist harmoniously and bring out the best for each other.

The old era must be a history; the old regime must be disintegrated; the old object must die out; the old values must be desalted. All of these are objective laws which are certain to happen and will not depend on our subjective consciousness, so the only thing we can do is to adapt to this law. Any attempts of obstructing the law will be in vain and doom to fail.

Perhaps, someone will say that Lifechanyuan era is very good and very attractive; but this is totally working on one’s imagination, impractical and equal to daydream. Yes, from the conventional thinking, this is equal to milk the bull or make vain efforts; however, if we have learnt the unconventional thinking, we would find this era is in the near future; because this is the operation of Tao and an irreversible law.

When Noah built ark on the mountaintop, no one thought that the downpour would drop from the sky; when Titanic sailed on the Atlantic, no one thought that it would crash on the iceberg; when the World Trade Center stood tall and upright, no one thought it would collapse in an instant; when people from South Asia countries enjoyed relaxation on the beach, no one thought the tsunami would make a surprise attack; many incidents happen suddenly and beyond our expectation.  

Lifechanyuan summon the talents and wisdoms around the world; it does not mean that you get into Lifechanyuan today and carry out the Lifechanyuan era tomorrow, but is to change your consciousness and to improve your thinking frequency and strive to resonate with the frequency of the universe law. This is the only way to prevent you from getting hurt, and to prevent your thinking from falling into disorder get collapsed.

All the talents and wisdoms that are willing to get into Lifechanyuan should not waste your precious times on imaginary things, but hurry up to self-improve and self-refine. Even you have owned the whole material world, it is useless.What you should do is to obey indoctrinations of Jesus to accumulate wealth in the heaven, to obey instructions of the Budda—unconditional giving. You should get into Lifechanyuan to absorb new knowledge, develop new thinking,exchange gnosis, knowledge and experience with other talents and wisdoms around the world and then to build up Lifechanyuan together. In this way, you are working for the Lifechanyuan era.   

You should never expect to be the lucky dog, never expect enjoy free lunch everyday. If you want to gain, you have to pay. If you want to get into  Lifechanyuan era, you have to strive for it by yourself; otherwise, you are not qualified for Lifechanyuan era.

Don’t hate your enemies, someday they will get their deserved punishment; don’t retaliate, Tao will work for you. You should do nothing but dedicate your wisdom, talent and your love from your heart. Let’s work together to build up Lifechanyuan and to open up the Lifechanyuan era.

Talents and wisdoms: such a chance must not be missed, and opportunity knocks only once; you are lucky to live in this era, and it is your destiny with a thousand years of self-improvement to get into Lifechanyuan and to build it. I hope you can get into Lifechanyuan and enjoy the sincere care and love of the brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers in this big family. You can listen the songs of love and watch the dance of love in Lifechanyuan—the ocean of love. The beautiful life is yours in the near future.

New life and new era are calling for you, and Lifechanyuan is inviting you. Wish you can open a new page for your own life!


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poem Post time 2011-5-29 14:35:45
New life and new era are calling for you, and Lifechanyuan is inviting you. Wish you can open a new page for your own life!

daqicao Post time 2013-2-9 15:40:45
New life and new era are calling for you, and Lifechanyuan is inviting you. Wish you can open a new page for your own life!

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