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The Eight Roads of Life Taken By Human Being

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The Eight Roads of Life Taken By Human Being


( Edited by Kaer)

Our choices of Life paths can be summed up as consisting of the following eight  “roads”:

  • The road guided by Christ is one that relies on faith and is designed to enter the kingdom of the Greatest Creator - the Thousand-year World.

  • The road guided by Buddha is one that relies on wisdom and is designed to enter the Western Elysium world - the Elysium Island Continent.

  • The road of seeking Tao is one that relies on perception and  aims toward entering the realm of Deity Celestial Beings - the ten-thousand-year world.

  • The road of science is one that relies on proof and aims to extend the human body's visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile functions.

  • The road of competition is one that relies on contending and is designed to maximise one’s survival territory.

  • The road of the secular world is one that relies on struggle and aims to live smooth, comfortable, nourished, and satisfactory Lives.

  • The road of body cultivation is one that relies on endurance and aims to build up physical fitness and to eventually obtain extraordinary physical powers and attributes.

  • The road of comprehensive balance is one that relies on harmony and aims to progress in one’s lifetime and to enjoy Life.

Let me address these apparent “sideroad” questions:

  • The road taken by Muslims is actually a modified "road of Christ.

  • The road taken by Japanese Shinto is "the combination of seeking Tao and cultivation".

  • The road taken by Falun Gong should be the roads of “Buddha and cultivation"

  • The road taken by Lifechanyuan is “the Way of the Greatest Creator”, the road of sincerity, kindness, beauty, and love, which are inclusive of all the roads above through a combination of "faith, wisdom, perception, proof, contending, struggle, endurance, and harmony".

The purpose of the Way of the Greatest Creator is to enjoy the pleasures of being human until the end of the journey in the mortal world, and to then become Super Celestial Beings and go to the Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium world.

Life is short and a century is just a blink. If we want to climb to the highest realm of Life in the least period of time and reach the Celestial Islands Continent, we must think unconventionally. We cannot follow the footprints of wisdom of our ancestors by constantly accumulating knowledge. We need to take a shortcut.

This shortcut is to open spiritual perception, has direct contact with the Greatest Creator, and unites with the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator - Tao.

The spiritual perception of Taiji Celestial is open.

Spiritual perception is not knowledge or wisdom, but is a natural ability. The so-called opening of spiritual perception is to say that we can perceive heaven, the earth, nature, and society. For instance, if the couple next-door are fighting, they will understand the cause and effect of the fight. If a breeze blows, they will understand its meaning. If they have stomach pains, they will understand the implications, and so on. Taiji Celestial understands the truth that actual phenomena have blocked people from knowing just as the moon is often blocked by clouds, and that relies on spiritual perception.

Foshan Celestial understands all about spiritual perception.

Foshan Celestial says that this concept of Taiji Celestial is an apocalyptic text. It is a way of understanding the meaning of spiritual perception and is the way to communicate directly with the Greatest Creator.

The truth is that one who has opened their spiritual perception understands far more than a doctor who is well-versed in the classics even after having read more than a thousand books.

Opening the spiritual perception is the shortest cut.

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