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[Aug 16, 2016] A New Place Called Sesame Slope

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A New Place Called Sesame Slope
August 16, 2016

(Translated by Xidai and Edited by Kaer)

The new place that we are creating is called Sesame Slope because it is on a slope and reminds us of a slope in the Thousand Year World. It means we have arrived in the Sesame Slope in the Thousand-year world and that we shall be celestials of the Thousand-year world. Those brothers and sisters who can live on Sesame Slope are celestials of the Thousand-year world.

Thirty-nine celestials live in Butterfly Peak, including twenty-two female celestials, fifteen male celestials, and two children. Cherry Ferry, not far away from Butterfly Peak, is home to another group of celestials. Turning over Fragrant Ridge and walking thirty miles along Sesame Slope will be Fengze Plateau, where more than two hundred celestials will live. The three places are more than two hundred miles apart and will have about three-hundred celestials.
Here is a glimpse of the Thousand-year world.

Those brothers and sisters who have the chance to live on Sesame Slope have reached the standard of the Thousand-year world, so they will shed their humanness and worldliness in order to act as celestials living in the Thousand-year world. At the same time, since living on Sesame Slope, they must never go to man's world nor be demoted to that level.

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tongxin Post time 2016-12-19 20:46:05
Sesame Slope —— a romantic name for the new location,hehe

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