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[Oct 29, 2014]Flowers are blooming, we have a long and arduous task

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Flowers are blooming, we have a long and arduous task


October 29, 2014

(translated by Xidai and edited by Kaer)

Yesterday, Youyuan celestial recovered our computers, cellphones, diaries, and other belongings which were taken by the Public Security Bureau. My diary includes records of all the affairs of nearly twenty years. My computer has all the articles, pictures, and videos of the Second Home from its beginning through the present. My cellphone has many files too, including communications with others. After being investigated by the Public Security Bureau, all these things have been returned to us, and the Public Security Bureau has not made any accusations, nor have they done anything to us. They proved again that we are innocent because their investigation was more detailed than that in Yunnan. I am glad that the government did this investigation because it proved our innocence. From another aspect, it also showed that I, Xuefeng, never violated any policy or law and that I have done nothing immoral.

We thank the leadership of the Public Security Bureau and the police very much. They were gracious from the beginning. Recently, the director of the City Public Security Bureau came to our home and left me with a good impression. He was so approachable and affable that I wished he were my friend or brother. The deputy chief of the Public Security Bureau and the battalion commander of the National Security Bureau were also nice. I think they have good characters. When the new home is completed, I hope to invite them over and let them taste my unique culinary skill - Portuguese roast chicken.

From the Public Security Bureau, it is okay for us to stay here, but from other executives, especially from the leadership of the government, it is still a questionable undertaking. Though the fourth plenary session advocates ruling a country by law, and the party in power is required to rule according to law, it is impossible for China to act in strict accordance with the law. In many respects, local governments still make their own decisions. What they will or will not do depends on the whims of the local government officials.

What the leaders of local governments think most about are their positions and promotions, so they are afraid of decisions which could influence their political futures. This is still an issue for the survival of the Second Home.

Actually, to let us stay here would not create any problems for them. However, if they drive us away, they could face trouble. I hope the leaders of the local governments will understand this point.

I did not post any pictures for a long time. Since my computer is being returned, I will post some pictures of the new home.

You can see the original appearance of the yard from those previous pictures. Only reeds grow here. Because the soil has higher salt concentrations, and it was a rubbish dump, other crops will not be supported. A nearby villager told us that the soil can no longer grow anything. Even more, he promised that if we could grow a single onion, he would pay ten yuan for it.

It is really difficult for us to grow crops here. We planted twice but never saw a seedling. Later, we grew some alfalfa, but it only grew marginally. Then, we replaced the topsoil with a mixture of fresh soil and sand, which had lower salt concentrations. The rape crop grew, but most of the flowers died quickly. Some crops died at mid-growth, but we still finally succeeded. If we want to grow crops, we will need to change the soil and desalinate large amounts of water.

All things come to those who wait. The experiment finally succeeded this year. It will be even better in the following year.

Please enjoy these pictures.
Look at how beautiful the gesang flowers are.




































See more pictures of Gesaer Farm:

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