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Soul search

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Soul search

The story of the place God chose to put the soul -for the human beings to search and discover!!

One day the God called for a conferences of all the Gods and after the normal protocols being flowed in the godly kingdom, the God said we have been on this routine for millenniums, so let's work on creation of a world.

He came up with a plan for creation of 'earth' and the many beautiful things  the earth should have. He told all the other gods to contribute with various ideas in the creation of a beatifil world. He gave the gods a weeks time to come up with their ideas and announced that the meeting for sharing the ideas for the creation of a beautiful world would be at the end of the week.

The conference as scheduled was convened after a week and all the gods were eager to contribute their ideas.

One god suggested that, the earth should be the place where a world should be created. That was unanimously accepted.

So Earth became the place for creation of a bequtiful world.

One by one every god came up with an idea about what should the world contain.

After summing up they agreed that the earth should have:

Beautiful forests, small and big lakes, water falls, rivers, seas and oceans,  variety of  plants, trees of all kinds - the flowering, the fruit bering and all the exotic animals in the forests,  seas, oceans and from the tiny creature to the giant ones

They included mountias of different kinds- normal, rocky, snow clad and so on. They came up with the idea of islands, different climatic conditions in different parts of the  world. They also added seasons - rain, summer, winter and spring.

The earth turned into an exotic place with millions of creatures and plants.

Then God came up with the idea of creating human beings in various parts of he earth. The gods agreed and came up with ideas of how the human beings  should look like - nose, face, legs and so on. Then they created the senses then the brain and mind. They placed all these things in the right places and everyone was satisfied.  They added, desire, sarrow, knowledge and a host of  emotions and skills including laughter and happiness. They decided that these things should be realized by the human being himself through using his efforts & shouldn't be automatically granted  as a matter of course - therefore, they added 'free will' to all these aspects given to the humans.

The last question that came up was the enlightenment of the human being - the ultimate joy, true  love and bliss that will release him from the momentary sarrows and the fleetng happiness. Then the question was where the soul should be placed? The God contemplated for a minute and said that to find the soul would emancipate the human being and therefore God told all the gods to search for a very difficult place where the soul should be placed so that it should not be easy for the human being to search and find the soul - that would be the final thing to be placed before the creation could breath into life!

So, the God told all the gods to go in search of a place where soul could be placed, so that if the humans wished, out of their 'free will' given to them,  to find the soul and achieve the ultimate joy, love and bliss. They also decided that the body and mind would be their two powerful tools through which the humans could realize their soul, which will ultimately lead them to true joy, love and bliss.

So all the gods went out in the world created by them and returned after a weeks search. The meeting of the all gods was convened and God presided over the conference and asked each of their suggestions that they had come up with after their week's search. They argued that since finding the soul being the ultimate part of the whole game of this creation, the place where the soul should be placed  should be difficult to find. Therefore, they came up with the suggestions of placing the soul in the wild forests or the peak of the Himalayas or some such place where  it would be difficult and arduous to find it.

The God silently and patiently  listened to all their suggestions with a smile on his face and when all of the gods had  finished their suggestions, the God broke his silence and said:

You see, we have created a world full of attractions and have given the humans  a beautiful body and an active mind. The immediate thing he will notice is his body and will be busy with being enamored about his body and it's desires and the mind will keep him occupied with constant mental activity during his waking and sleeping hours.. The humans will be so busy with their body and mind and it will be years before they would remember about the soul . By that time the body & mind, instead of being their tools and servants for use by the humans, would have become his masters. Therefore, the God suggested that they place the soul deep within the humans themselves, which will be the one place he will not look into and  would be the last place he will  ever look into,  since he would be so enamored and occupied by the body and mind  he would go around the outside  world seeking and seldom will he think of seeking it within himself.

He then spoke smilingly that those humans who choose out of their free will to search the soul have to first become aware of their body and mind and then bring the body and mind under their control and then turn them from being masters into their tools and servants - using them to travel to the depths within to find and realize the soul. All the gods were pleased with this smart suggestion by the God and they all agreed.

The story goes that that's how the soul came to be placed deep within the humans to realize it by themselves after taking control of their body and mind and ultimately using them to  find and realize the soul!  The world went on it's wheels and life started functioning. After their experiment, the gods decided to find out what's happening in the world.

During their visit t,the earth they encountered a beggar sitting on a box and begging all his life like his forefathers did, without realizing what was in. The story of this beggar as they noticed goes like this:

There was this young beggar whose daily routine was to carry a heavy box from his hut far from the city to the city centre  and sit in a chosen place and beg. At the end of the day he would count his alms and carry back the heavy box to his hut.

Years rolled by without even a small deviation from this routine in his life.

A person, who was using that road for years had seen this beggar's routine for years. One day this person got curious about what might be there in that box? One day his curiosity ultimately drew him to this beggar and he couldn't resist but ask this beggar about the content In the box.  The beggar looked puzzled, as no one in years including his forefathers had asked this question. The beggar merely nodded indicating that he didn't know what was there inside that box and hastened to explain that not only him but even his forefathers had not told him about the content of the box except passing it on from generations to generations as a box to be used to sit on it in a chosen place in the centre of the city  for begging. He explained that he merely followed the family tradition and carried the box every day and sat  on it and begged. And he would follow  the family tradition and one day he  would pass on this box to his son or daughter to continue the family tradition.

The person who approached this beggar wanted to quench is curiosity and asked the beggar, whether they could together open the box and see what's in it? The beggar protested and said that he would be breaking the family tradition if he did so. But this person was so curious that, he talked the beggar to agree to open the box on the promise that the he would give the beggar a thousand rupees before he opened the box. The deal was struck, the stranger gave the beggar a thousand rupees and the beggar brought a tool and when the beggar opened the  box there was a flash of brilliant light that came out of the box, it took some time for both the beggar and the person to get used to that brilliant light before they could see what was in it. To their amazement they realized that the brilliant light was the result of the shining diamonds and the most precious treasure inside. The story goes that,  the beggar stopped begging from that day  and  became a wealthy philanthropist and shared his wealth with people from whom he begged. The beggar, it is said, realized from this episode about the true treasure inside and was enlightened  and asked every one about why they acted  like beggars seeking the wealth from the outside world  when there was enough and more and most precious & true treasure within themselves?

Doesn't the story sound familiar when we look at ourselves? We just need that little flip from seeking the treasures of happiness, joy and bliss from the wilderness of the outside world and open our inner box  where there is enough treasure of wisdom, joy, love and bliss not only for us to be enjoyed for a life time but also there is enough & more to share it with the people around us!

Note:Thanks for reading this story.
It will immensely help me in improving my writing, if you share yoaided ears and thoughts  and suggestions about the story and my writing. You may also suggest topics  for my writing. Please feel free to contact me on my email  for all your comments and suggestions:


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xidai Post time 2014-6-16 14:17:15
We just need that little flip from seeking the treasures of happiness, joy and bliss from the wilderness of the outside world and open our inner box  where there is enough treasure of wisdom, joy, love and bliss not only for us to be enjoyed for a life time but also there is enough & more to share it with the people around us!

So true! Tks for sharing this nice article, dear brother Kasen.
tongxin Post time 2014-6-17 07:31:06
Unfortunately very rare people can stop and find the treasure inside.

Thanks for sharing the story, Kasen.

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