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Ladies Shall be Firstly Respected - Series of the Bright Spots of the Second Hom

Publisher: conglong | Publish time: 2014-2-5 20:58| Views: 1384| Num of Comments: 6|Thread manage logs

Ladies Shall be Firstly Respected

(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

January 24, 2014

Women have been suffering discrimination for thousands of years, and their positions are quite low in both marriage and society. Although the development of society has raised the value of women, within marriage, traditional families, and society, they still belong to a disadvantaged group and their values are not acknowledged. Their dignity has been denied and their safety is still not guaranteed, and
this can be proven by the amounts of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

There have been many women living in the Second Home, the middle-aged are the majority, who have shown that women are awakening and they are not willing to be ruled and discriminated against. Instead, they want to lead dignified, meaningful, and free lives.

In the Second Home, we have implement the value that, “the positions of men and women are reversed and women should be firstly respected”. The rights, safety, and dignity of women are fully guaranteed. You cannot see women being bullied or discriminated against, and there are no more heavy household chores for women, but they can put their talents into full play. Each woman has her own space which is free from disturbance and it is unnecessary to lock her
door at any time because nobody is allowed to enter into a woman’s room without her permission, and nobody dares to sexually harass a woman. Besides, there are no “leaders” who will impose their will on women and all things are done voluntarily. Women do not need to worry about the care of seniors or the education of children because the community takes full responsibility for those chores. There are no more conflicts between women and mothers-in-law or sisters-in-law. On the contrary, they have many close sisters with whom to chat, play, study, and work.

In Lifechanyuan, women should be firstly respected in all situations. Women are the lotuses, and men are the green leaves.

1. Men are not allowed to contend with women.
2. Men should be willing to and be brave enough to sacrifice for women.
3. It is fine for women to seduce men, but men are not allowed to sexually harass women.
4. Under any dangerous circumstances, men should be in front to protect women.
5. Women take precedence over men in the matter of enjoyment.
6. Men shall take the initiative in doing heavy and dirty tasks, while light and clean work shall be reserved for women.
7. Men are not permitted to humiliate, desecrate, abuse, beat, maltreat, persecute, scorn, or deride women.
8. Men are not permitted to limit women's personal freedoms in the name of love, physically or spiritually.

Experience has shown that having the value that “women should be firstly respected”, all female members feel very happy and safe, and almost none of them are willing to go back to their traditional lives.

The community also becomes more harmonious this way, because women are naturally more quiet and peaceful, and they like harmony and serenity. They are naturally kind and loving with soft and big hearts.

Women are firstly respected means that men are not allowed to seduce women in this community. In the aspect of sexuality, women have the great freedom of being able to take the initiative, which is good to foster their independence, and will eventually be helpful for their spiritual development and sublimation.

Women are firstly respected also means that men are passive in love. This is good for men to cultivate their personalities. “Butterfly will come when the flower scents”. It is only when a man is becoming perfect and he brings happiness and joy to women that his appearance becomes enjoyable, and therefore welcomed by all women.

As a woman in the Second Home, I often have the feeling of being cared for and loved. I feel very blessed.

In fact, when a women feels happy, men will be happy too.

when a woman is happy, the man is also happy

women's safety and freedom are fully guaranteed

light jobs are reserved for women

women are flowers, and men are the leaves

we are happy women!

men are brave enough to be in front

I am happy to do the dirty job!

Latest comments

believer Post time 2014-2-6 02:52:37
Thank heaven for little girls
For little girls get bigger every day!

Thank heaven for little girls
They grow up in the most delightful way!

Those little eyes so helpless and appealing
One day will flash and send you crashin' through the ceilin'

Thank heaven for little girls
Thank heaven for them all
No matter where, no matter who
For without them, what would little boys do?

Thank heaven [unverified]
Thank heaven [unverified]
Thank heaven for little girls!

(from the song "Thank Heaven for Little Girls", by Lerner and Lowe)
conglong Post time 2014-2-6 09:34:13
"Thank heaven for little girls
Thank heaven for them all
No matter where, no matter who
For without them, what would little boys do?"

What a humble heart!
believer Post time 2014-2-6 10:28:41
Its just the truth isn't it...the most beautiful and sweetest truth of Life we can be sure of. Thank heaven for you!
tongxin Post time 2014-2-6 12:13:22
As a woman, I feel so grateful and proud for living in the Second Home. All women no matter what's their background, age or education, they are highly respected here.
believer Post time 2014-2-6 13:48:52
tongxin replied at 2014-2-6 12:13
As a woman, I feel so grateful and proud for living in the Second Home. All women no matter what's t ...

Its true, and it shows in the pictures. isn't that just the way its supposed to be universally? It is in my mind, I think woman in general and in larger numbers are more respected today around the world by far. In fact I think that the "Female Energy" and Power is increasing in the world, and as a result there will be more powerful and renown Female leaders to help lead the world out of its darkness. At least that is my hope. and I think its true not only there as you have experienced, but universally. Example; After the attempted assassination of the little Afghan girl by religious extremists and dogmatic fundamentalist who tried to silence her with violence to the point of murder. Its the ultimate face of evil. But there she was, in front of the United Nations, boldly and bravely exclaiming war on religious ignorance and intolerance and control over woman, a 16 year old little girl, who was shot in the head on a school bus and left for dead, and this is resonating deeply around the world. Yet still the same men who tried to kill her vow to that end. But right triumphs over wrong it always does doesn't it? I believe so, not only there but everywhere in this world. Its always a battle though, its just a matter of teaching the energy, the force that opposes, with tempered superior force, which is invisible, yet physically manifested, with Superior Mind Force, to which all can evolve. Im sure you will be well treated wherever you go, your spirit attracts and is gentle and innocent and positive and open. I hope that my directness was not misperceived. Many years ago when I first started traveling to China and finally began living in Shanghai full time, actually split 6 months in L.A. and 6 in Shanghai and traveling around Asia. I was taken aback by the directness of most Chinese, things we in the west consider extremely rude are just normal fare for most Han Chinese I have been acquainted, and they laughed at my reaction. Then I examined it and realized perhaps its better to be so direct, perhaps it is more honest. I know that I disappointed you, but I think you are an amazingly beautiful and positive force in this world, and you have even more potential for new levels of Love and Spiritual growth unrealized and yet to be in the next exciting chapter of life. I wish you would forgive me if I offended you with my choice of words. I still believe that the magical way I came to discover you guys is proof that it was for some reason. I hope we can maybe discover that reason someday. Thank Heaven for you too! Please stay in touch. I really think you and your sister could be a huge force in organizational power to help move and organize IMAGINE, there are many components and there will be different lawyers and government stuff. Its an idea.
tsman Post time 2014-5-20 03:06:37

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