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Let Us Raise a Banner of Hope for Humanity (To Isadon and all brothers and siste

Publisher: tongxin | Publish time: 2013-11-21 11:29| Views: 1713| Num of Comments: 5|Thread manage logs

Let Us Raise a Banner of Hope for Humanity

(translated by Conglong celestial & revised by Kaer celestial)

Isadon and all brothers and sisters in Konohana Family:

Warm and heartfelt greetings to all of you!

“How happy we are, to meet friends from afar”. Today, all brothers and sisters of the Second Home are immersed in a sea of joy from Michiyo's visit and because our two communities have united as one. We have transcended national borders, cultural differences, and historical conflicts, and have become a single harmonious family. This is not only a great news for Konohana and the Second Home, but also for all Japanese and Chinese people, and ultimately for all of humanity.

Konohana Family has been developing for nineteen(19) years under the outstanding guidance of Isadon, and has achieved material abundance and spiritual wealth. The living environment is elegant, the community atmosphere is harmonious, and everyone feels happy, free, joyful, and blessed. It is an impressive achievement and we are very proud to join you.

“The road ahead is very long”. People have been searching for thousands of years to find a beautiful ideal. Throughout history, sages and saints have dedicated their wisdom, efforts, talents, and even their lives to eliminate poverty, famine, conflicts, and wars, and to the causes of peace, happiness, and freedom. Today's unity of Konohana Family and the Second Home is a crystallization of human wisdom. It is also a symbol of the advancement of civilization and the result of thousands of years of pursuing a beautiful lifestyle, as well as the best hope for the future of humanity.

Let us raise a banner of hope by showing our sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty, and let us set a good example by uniting our two communities. We are confident that we will surpass all obstacles along the way and lead humanity to walk on the Way of the Greatest Creator and the road of peace, freedom, and happiness, and eventually realize our dream that, “The talents will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family”.

Opportunity knocks but once. Today’s world is filled with savagery, ignorance, autocracy, power grabs, conflicts, and fights. The United Nations and many governments are making efforts to end this, plus thousands of communities, eco-villages, and individuals who love peace are also working toward this goal. We shall work harder, give up personal interests, and open ourselves to embrace people from different regional, national, cultural, political, and religious backgrounds to initiate a bright new era.

Our physical lives are limited, but our spiritual LIVES are unlimited. The earth is limited, but time and space are unlimited. Human wisdom is limited, but the Greatest Creator's is unlimited. Hand in hand, we will work toward learning the infinite mysteries of time and space, and continuously explore our way forward.

On behalf of all brothers and sisters within our community, I send my warmest blessings and best wishes, and wish you all health and happiness!

Nov 14, 2013

brothers and sisters of Konohana Family, Japan
(the 5th branch of the Second Home)

brothers and sisters of the Second Home (the 1st branch)

brothers and sisters of the Second Home (the original 3rd branch)

brothers and sisters of the Second Home (the 4th branch)

Latest comments

xidai Post time 2013-11-21 14:13:22
How harmonious both of  the two communities are! I'm so happy to see we had united as one big and harmonious family, I'm so proud to be one of this international family!
Sam Post time 2013-11-21 18:17:04
It is a joy to see all this love, thank you Xuefeng for your vision.  Chinese and Japanese, traditional enemies, now united in hope for humanity.
tongxin Post time 2013-11-21 19:53:33
xidai replied at 2013-11-21 14:13
How harmonious both of  the two communities are!  I'm so happy to see we had united as one  ...

Me too!
tongxin Post time 2013-11-21 20:03:44
Sam replied at 2013-11-21 18:17
It is a joy to see all this love, thank you Xuefeng for your vision.  Chinese and Japanese, traditio ...

Yes dear Sam. Our common ideals, dreams and resonated hearts can beyond any boundries!
tianjicao Post time 2013-11-21 20:52:01
This scenario is how a happy and touched!

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