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When governments do bad things

Publisher: Joel | Publish time: 2013-5-26 05:53| Views: 3069| Num of Comments: 13|Thread manage logs

Edited by Joel at 2013-5-25 18:41

The 800 Values for New Era Human Being stress the need to cooperate with local governments, but sometimes governments insist that we do evil things, such as kill people in an aggressive military or imprison them or take their property when they do things that the government makes illegal.

Many governments make it a crime to read or talk about political or religious systems that differ from the approved one.
For example, what if a government has an official policy in which it is illegal to read about or talk about Lifechanyuan?

In Nazi Germany, families were hiding people who worshipped God in a way the government did not like.
Many of these couragious families suffered severely. What if someone escaped from North Korea where they were being persecuted and told you that if the Chinese government finds them, they will send them back home to be imprisoned or killed, but if they find them in your village, you could all be in trouble?

What if someone were taking a drug to help with a disease so they could work and live comfortably, but the government does not allow that drug?

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tongxin Post time 2013-5-26 10:09:14
Hi Joel, thanks for raising up such questions. One of the values of lifechanyuan is that however the society progresses, government is always needed to arrange and coordinate resources, ensuring an ordered and fair,happy society. Yes there are countries, values,histories and different civilizations that cause many difference and conflicts between governments today. We believe a core reason is because of the selishness based on the social structure of countries, religions, political parties and families. While these specific problems are for politicians. For ordinary people like us, what we're chasing for is to build a beautiful xanadu and live a natural life; we have our own belief, and the basic principle is we don't do anything hurting nature, people or the society. And we never have any mysterious religionary activities or attend any kind of demonstration or the sit-in, because we're not an organization, we don't have political ambitions. We're just a group of simple people that have a beautiful dream for a peaceful and happy life and LIFE.

For example in China, Lifechanyuan(New Oasis for Life) has spread its theory through Chinese website for near ten years and established the Second Home for four years. During this period, from the central government to local governments, they know us quite well and are very friendly to us. Especially from our central government the leaders support what we're doing from heart. The thoughts of our government leaders are quite profound and open today. We admire President Xijinping's thoughts, we feel his heart is so close to ours, he said" people's dream  for a better life is our mission". Yes, we're here to realize our dream.

Yes very radomly there are special affairs like what is happening now in the 3rd branch, but we know it is not from the government but by some other people. While we are not worried at all because everything is running in Tao, we'll reap what we have sown before, we'll never complain anybody, we'll not protest and compromise either, we'll insist our dream in a civlized way. Life is a journey and we take it as a game to experience it wholeheartedly.  And the assumption of Nazi Germany families will not happen here because as what I mentioned above, the big environment of the world is totally different today.

Presently all permanent residents of the Second Home are chanyuan celestials in our community. Chanyuan celestials are firstly a good citizen,therefore we don't attend political affairs,we follow the government's commandment unconditionally. So does the drug issue. While I think such situations only exist theoretically, we don't think it will happen in reality here because even medicines are very seldom used because people are quite healthy and happy living in such a simple life,although we have prepared enough daily-used medicine storage for the whole community.

Here we have an article explaning this part:

The Way to Protect the Health of Sisters and Brothers

And finally, thanks for giving me such a chance to answer your question, Joel. Wish you have a nice weekend!

xidai Post time 2013-5-26 12:14:50
Wow, I think what  dear Tongxin has said is so perfect to answer what you questioned then ,dear Joel.

But here , I  also want to share my opinions with you then.

As a chanyuan celestial of Lifechanyuan , I just want to be a good citizen in China then. I won't judge what the govenments have done  because there's no accident in the

universe.Everything is well arranged by God ( the Greatest Creator).The reasons that caused those "bad" things which you mentioned can't be easily  understood or controlled by some individuals . Life to me is just a game and  a journey to creat  and remember who I am . As human beings , we have the power God (the Greatest Creator) has given us to do what we choose to do .

The existence of the governments and those "bad " things are just the result of our own choices ,the choice of our collective consciousness. And when looking at what shape the world is in , we can tell now the reality is based on a thought of fear ,which includes selfishness, separation and so on .

How to change it  then ? To fight against ? No .Why Lifechanyuan values stress the need to cooperate with local governments? It's a behaviour of acceptance and trust in what God (the Greatest Creator ) has planned for us .It's a behaviour of showing who we really are .

The separation from every  country and each other is not pleased me in the present reality . So I choose to change and creat a new loving reality. From Lifechanyuan values and the New Age Thoughts , we can know more and more people are deciding to make a new choice and look forward to a new era . And one of the mainly  major identifying brands for the new era is to establish a global government . But this is not a business that can be undertaken in a day or swiftly improvised by a mere command of the will. It needs time and the great change of all collective consciousness.

I feel so grateful to God( the Greatest Creator ) for I can have the chance and ability to realise this wonderful dream through the Second Home of Lifechanyuan .  Guide Xuefeng and all chanyuan celestials of Lifechanyuan are just  having the same dream to make Mother Earth become a paradise  "where is the absence of family, religion, political party, and state in the world. 'the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family', in which 'no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night', The people will be natural and pure, the weather will be good for harvest, the society will be harmonious, the will of the people will be peaceful, the products will be plentiful, and everyone will be happy." ( see more in Lifechanyuan Era)

How lucky I am . Praise God ( the Greatest Creator).

Ailian Post time 2013-5-26 14:45:34
Edited by Ailian at 2013-5-26 14:47

Hi Joel,
It is an interesting question.
In Lifechanyuan, we think we are global citizens hence we don’t against government for any reason, and we never involve in politics. Instead we has been living in harmony with the government in the past four years. Also, we believe in karma, we believe everything happens for a cause, so we take whatever happens to us without complaining.

On the other hand, no matter what government does, I believe in the deep inside, they also desire a happy, joyful, free and blessed life like everyone else. In addition, in today’s society, I think government are more open and transparent than before. There is no reason a government would ban a community that in pursuit of a better life.

God bless you!

Joel Post time 2013-5-26 21:24:48
Edited by Joel at 2013-5-26 18:41

I know that your personal experiences in life make you believe what you are saying, but there are many places, and I am NOT talking about China, where truly evil administrations rule society. A student of world history, I can tell you that most governments have two motivations: greed and power. They will do anything to have as much influence in the world as possible and they will suppress opposition as much as they can.

If a country is small, it will form unions with others to create a united show of force. If it is big and powerful, it will use economic and military threats to bully its neighbors into political and economic submission.

Look at the major news media in any country. There are always incentives for them to support the prevailing administrations. They will debate minor issues, but never will any of them challenge the overall system which is in place. In the worst systems, truly independent outlets simply do not exist. In others, they will be allowed to present a different view through smaller outlets, but all the major media and the politicians will denounce them as being on the radical extreme, not to be trusted.

Private eco-villages are constantly being challenged by local regulators, the only real purpose is to close them down because governments do not like people to become too independent. Again, I am NOT talking about your unique and very wonderful situation in China. It is really fantastic to know that the Xijinping administration and your regional and local regulators support or at least tolerate your cause.
tongxin Post time 2013-5-27 15:10:03
Joel replied at 2013-5-26 21:24
I know that your personal experiences in life make you believe what you are saying, but there are ma ...

Hi Joel, I understand what you're talking about now. Yes governments based on different countries, parties, benefits and profits are sure to compete with each other. It's the game rules.That's why in lifechanyuan values, we mentions that in a new era, countries, religions, political parties and families will all disappear, because the world can't turn into a big harmonious family once the old procedure continues. But as citizens we won't resist the government through domanstration or against specific policy of the government, because we know they're playing their roles. We won't judge the policians, cause our power is very limited. But we know everything is running in the Tao. We know times has developed to this special moment that the civilization need to progress into a brand new level. And new changes always begins from new thoughts and consciousness. Let's assume what if such a day come that any single country even the strongest one can't solve a world-wide problem on the earth? Probably the govenments have to be combined into one and refresh their thoughts and actions. They can't insist because they need to face the problem first. Just an assumption. ——The earth is one and we should be supportive in one big family.
Here's the series of articles on a new era, we call it a lifechanyuan era here. For your reference.

Welcoming A New Era

The Song of the Universe ---On Lifechanyuan Era (1)

Countries Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (2)

Religion Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (3)

Political Parties Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (4)

Family will Gradually Disappear:On Lifechanyuan Era (5)

Hospitals and Doctors Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (6)

Establish Global Government---On Lifechanyuan Era (7)

New Human, New Life --- On Lifechanyuan Era (8)

Joel Post time 2013-5-27 19:12:48
Edited by Joel at 2013-5-27 16:41
Welcoming A New Era
The Song of the Universe
Countries Will Disappear
Religion Will Disappear
Political Parties Will Disappear
Family will Gradually Disappear
Hospitals and Doctors Will Disappear
New Human, New Life

all true and noble objectives, but...
Establish Global Government

There is an old saying, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"
The smallest governments can grow into the most overbearing dictatorships.
There always has to be bottom up control.
The problem is that no one has figured out how to keep governments under control.
They all grow and grow and grow, constantly reassuring the governed how free and wonderful everything is.
Although I am intentionally not citing current examples, I feel that this is fairly universal.

Somewhat of an anarchist, I would prefer no government at all to an all powerful one.
This too, is why I am so excited about your communes and the idea of visiting.
I think you have created a nearly perfect society.
xidai Post time 2013-5-28 08:19:38
Joel replied at 2013-5-27 19:12
all true and noble objectives, but...

There is an old saying, "power corrupts and absolute power c ...
The problem is that no one has figured out how to keep governments under control.

Man can't but God ( the Greatest Creator ) can . Nothing is impossible for God ( the Greatest Creator). BTW, don't forget I always call Lifechanyuan and the Second Home as the Noah's Ark . It's the soul ark sent from God ( the Greatest Creator ) to human beings. Praise God ( the Greatest Creator ).

This too, is why I am so excited about your communes and the idea of visiting.I think you have created a nearly perfect society.

Thank you for your nice words ,dear Joel . Yes , as a living member in the Second Home of Lifechanyuan , I'll surely tell you the Second Home of Lifechanyuan will be the perfect living style for new era human beings. Hope you can have the chance to visit our Home one day .
tongxin Post time 2013-5-28 08:45:35
Hi, Joel, you're right, for those who chases for power,fame and personal benefits, the more power a government has, the more dangerous it is. That's why in a new era, we suggest it should have 2 parts, lifechanyuan +secular government. Lifechanyuan takes charge of man’s spiritual and soul part, while secular governments shall be responsible for the material construction and ensure the efficiency and order of life and society of humankind.
People who work in the secular government should first be unselfish, kind, hard-working who can devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the service for the earth. They should not belong to any small family,religion,political party or country,because these are the soil for selfishness, ambition, possession and greed. They should be a group of relative perfect people with excellent qualities both on soul gardens and personal abilities. Therefore this seculare government  is not a power-oriented government but is service-orientied for all branches of the Second Home and people who're not live in the community. Another important thing is they don't have any special treatment, just as common as ordinary people. Like in our home for example, we have our Guide Xuefeng and three branch directors, they're the most diligent and hard-working people here, they never have any special treatment because it's not encouraged and allowed in our culture. They replace management with service in the coordination and arrangement on daily work or activities. Therefore, we respect and love them from our deep heart because they're such good examples. Such "leaders" (actually no leaders because there's no management in our home)are very welcomed and we do like them very much.

The problem is that no one has figured out how to keep governments under control.
They all grow and grow and grow, constantly reassuring the governed how free and wonderful everything is.
Although I am intentionally not citing current examples, I feel that this is fairly universal.

There is a law in the universe that is everything grows in a certain scale. Probably from this angle it's a good thing that governments are restricting each other today. That keeps a subtle balance for the world. And once we know there is the Greatest Creator who's taking care of all this stuff, just leave them to do what they like and we can be audiences watching with a peaceful attitude. The Greatest Creator is impartial, there's cause-effect law running,everything happens for a reason,and nothing is unfair in the universe, so what need we to worry about? Nothing.

I'm glad to exchange with you, dear Joel, thanks for your sincerity and we're happy you like to be with us here. Wish you always enjoy it!

Best wishes to you!


natashapoliski Post time 2014-2-3 14:03:42
I just hate when government do the silly and stupid things, which are absolutely not in the interest of common people and which are profitable only to those evil politicians, like Obamacare in US, which is just insane, just not appropriate to pay so much of money for doing dental veneers, or teeth whitening.

tongxin Post time 2014-2-3 21:53:23
natashapoliski replied at 2014-2-3 14:03
I just hate when government do the silly and stupid things, which are absolutely not in the interest ...

Hi natashapoliski, welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you.
tsman Post time 2014-6-2 01:18:23
tongxin Post time 2014-6-2 15:12:19
tsman replied at 2014-6-2 01:18

tsman Post time 2014-6-2 16:52:00
tongxin replied at 2014-6-2 15:12

shall not  Leaking State secrets.  

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