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The Second Confession of Xue Feng-the founder of Lifechanyuan

Publisher: tongxin | Publish time: 2012-10-21 16:00| Views: 3101| Num of Comments: 15|Thread manage logs

The Second Confession of Xue Feng                                                   -the founder of Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng


1. Xue Feng is not any kind of God, buddha, or celestial being, he was not sent to earth by higher level life beings, he is very down to earth instead.

Xue Feng doesn’t have any supernatural power, and never has shown any as well.

Xue Feng has told his personal story very clearly, he was born in a poor family near the Yellow River, Gansu province, China. He also have told his history clearly to all Chanyuan celestials, and he doesn’t have anything mysterious to hide.

4. Xue Feng doesn’t have a master, what he said or wrote are all what he learnt from life experience.

Xue Feng doesn’t have any political background, nor does he have any political or other kind of organization as his support.

Xue Feng is not the “Spokesman” of the Greatest Creator as some people think wishfully; he has never said that he was the “Spokesman”.

Xue Feng is not any kind of “Savior” as some people think wishfully, and has never said that and accepted that title.

Xue Feng is not a “Master”, and against people call him “Master”. Xue Feng claimed himself a Tour Guide, and
said more than once that he doesn't have the goodness what a “Master” possesses.

Xue Feng call himself “the Mssenger of the Greatest Creator”, the “Embodiment” of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and the Prophet Mohammed, the reason is that he has written an one-hundred-thousand-Chinese-word chapter called “the Greatest Creator”. He thinks it is the most comprehensive and profound description about the Greatest Creator. Although so, he has never given orders in the name of “the messenger of the Greatest Creator”. He has very insightful understanding of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and the Prophet Mohammed, and resonates with their thoughts and wills, that is why he call himself the “Embodiment”.

As for Xue Feng said that he is from the heaven——Ten-thousand-year world, that is the truth, if people don’t understand and have nowhere to verify it, it is up to them to think Xue Feng is talking nonsense.


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Latest comments

xidai Post time 2012-10-21 16:53:28
Dear Guider Xuefeng,You are my dearest guider of my life !Without you ,there would be no Xidai Celestial.I firmly believe you are the messenger of the Greatest Creator without any doubts!
Thank the Greatest Creator for giving me the chance to find you before 2012.
Love & trust you forever.
tianjicao Post time 2012-10-21 21:58:01
I will follow my dear guider to heaven!
daqicao Post time 2012-10-22 21:48:12
Thanks for The Greatest Creator!
Xue feng is the person I admire most!
mailjash Post time 2012-10-23 02:10:27
It will be a pleasure to meet Guider Xue feng some day
It is always a great pleasure to meet great people
tongxin Post time 2012-10-23 10:31:14
mailjash posted on 2012-10-23 02:10
It will be a pleasure to meet Guider Xue feng some day
It is always a great pleasure to me ...

Hi, dear Jash, I believe you'll have the chance once you have the clear image of meeting him in our mind.
jiminii Post time 2013-11-10 17:36:00
Xiefeng comes from source as I see it from what I see that he KNOWS. Source is all knowing and he has that connection and that is why he can bring this truth to the world.

I am glad I found this forum and to know Xiefeng because it lets me know that this knowledge is being woken up all over this world.

very thankful to everyone here

tongxin Post time 2013-11-10 23:35:37
jiminii replied at 2013-11-10 17:36
Xiefeng comes from source as I see it from what I see that he KNOWS. Source is all knowing and he ha ...

Hi jiminii, glad to see you here and if you resonate with our values, we're really happy.
Thank you for coming and paying attention at this difficult time. Although difficulty can always be overcome in some way.
xidai Post time 2013-11-11 08:55:10
jiminii replied at 2013-11-10 17:36
Xiefeng comes from source as I see it from what I see that he KNOWS. Source is all knowing and he ha ...

Yes, dear brother Jim. God let me find Lifechanyuan & the Second Home in Feb, 2011. When I saw the new life model of the Second Home, I knew Guide Xuefeng is the one who I looked for very long time. He is the messenger of the Greaest Creator. I also feel very grateful to the Greatest Creator for being a chanyuan celestial of Lifechanyuan. No matter what will happen in the future, I do believe everything will be fine and the new era is coming soon. Hugs to you.
jiminii Post time 2013-11-11 22:07:42
as far as I know there are 1 million Siddhartha Gautama incarnations and so far I have only found one other than me with Xuefeng. I hope the others can wake up soon. I am not sure all the missions they are on but their main purpose is to raise the vibration of the planet. There are about 70 million from the first 3 waves ... they are called by others as Indigo Chrystal and Rainbow Children but the others come from other saints like Gaia , and others ... I am only aware of mine I learned from someone using the commands to locate my other bodies. Then I just learned of another wave that I have no name for. so now we have about 200 million but I don't know how many has woken up. The dark forces can not survive in the higher vibrations and there will be a huge surge of higher level vibrations soon and they will not be able to live here. They will just leave and we can make our new world civilizations.

thank you for the work you are doing on this. The vibrations of just a handful of incarnations that have woken up make huge changes to this world. and you seem to have 180 or more ... and this is making an impact on this world.

I thank you all for what you are doing

Sam Post time 2013-11-11 23:23:34
Edited by Sam at 2013-11-11 23:24
jiminii replied at 2013-11-11 22:07
as far as I know there are 1 million Siddhartha Gautama incarnations and so far I have only found on ...

How do you "know there are 1 million Siddhartha Gautama incarnations so far"?
jiminii Post time 2013-11-12 01:13:35
They were dating me when I came in this body, and I came in this body when I was 4 and a half years old. my mother had me on a milk bread diet because the doctor was trying to find out my allergies. My father said I looked like bones. So the spirit that was in me didn't want to stay in the body and gave it up to another spirit. I was completely overwhelmed and somehow disoriented with this body. I went home. I laid down in bed and said, "who am I?" the word Metteyya come to me and I was flooded with all this life energy and it was like I was in a universe of complete bliss in fact there is no words for it.

I suddenly got on the internet and found project avalon and an interview from Bill Ryan to  Inelia a girl from peru. She could sit down next to a boy who was told he would die in a month or so and that boy came back to her and said. "you speak portugese." She said, "no I speak spanish". the boy said
"I heard you in portuguese." My friends told me that healers can speak in other languages. He went to the doctor and found nothing wrong with him.

In her story she says she could not get in the body for 3 years. She said she came straight out of source and it was her first incarnation. she said her purpose was to raise the vibration of the planet.

I understood it then I don't really know if I come out of Metteyya. But it would be the same as source. Move my hands near some girl who has a tooth ache and suddenly the tooth ache is gone.

So I went back to do the next steps and he was going to give me the commands that will locate my other timelines. So I have 3 other timelines on this planet one in a base in the himalayas, one in the devils triangle same as bermuda triangle and another in the dragon's triangle.

those 2 bases in the atlantic and pacific are hidden behind a time portal. This is one thing the dark forces have no ability to do. They have no ability move their spirit and body through a time portal. their body would die if they tried it.

we found some more timelines on star ships and one in the galactic government. and then suddenly it appeared .... a million more were created by this source, the same source I came from. I had to stop this process because it would take too long to locate them (by distance from my present body), then the reality of them appears. so that process is not finished and I really don't have a lot of details about it.

But Inelia says she comes from the source called Gaia ... the spirit that is same as mother earth and keeps all the life going on the planet.

I had flashes that she also had maybe a million from gaia. and supposedly 60 or 70 other big spirit beings trying to repair this period of time.

I only know that I was just a cowboy born on a farm in Utah and never expected I would learn any of it. But it is also a burden too. because others will not believe it.

it is like Xuefeng too ... you can either accept it or not. I still have to go do the next processes. The person who did it to me is not high enough to do it. So for now it is just what I got from my experience and I have no way to prove it. So it is just something to look at and see if it relates to you.

Sam Post time 2013-11-12 02:08:39
Thanks for your reply, Jim. You begin with They, who is they?
jiminii Post time 2013-11-12 03:19:25
A friend of mine took me to someone who can ask questions and find out about myself. He is in a group called the Free Zone ... Bill Ryan has also been part of that group. The problem with me is they can't find anything in my past lives. it is completely blank. So I was listening to  Alex Collier on a radio interview in Sept 2012 and he said this time has already happened. He said dark forces have taken over the galaxy in the future and it all started on this planet at this time with them developing mind control. that will eventually have them running us like a bee hive from inside our head. He said we were sent back to fix this problem.

So when they tried to take me into a past life, I went into a complete void. It is like going to supreme creator source  itself. what happened is everything this body feels is gone, EVERYTHING into a void. then everything returns in a different time about 750  years ago. then back into this complete Void and back to this time. Then I was told by those that are the highest levels in Free Zone that this is an ability to go completely out of the physical universe and back into it in a different time.

This was not a regression. This was leaving this time period and returning to a different time period.

SO then I understood it. I have never trained on this and have only done those few processes to date me and locate my other time lines .... Then if this is true WHERE DID I GET THESE ABILITIES???

I believe I am from the future and trained and did those training and processing in the future.

according to Free Zone they say I am a Natural Clear. This means I have never created an automatic picture recording memory.

Then I understood it. We created New timelines in the future without these automatic memories. This means we don't have trillions of years of pain to pull us down. That is how we raise the vibrations of the planet. We just naturally raise them because we have no past picture pain to pull us down. And we can't be flooded with garbage either since we don't have this mind to store the garbage.

so this is how we are repairing the past. We are doing it by being scattered all over the planet. And The Powers that Be have no ability to LOCATE US since we don't have this MIND for them to connect to. In other worlds we can't be mind controlled with their machinery.

So this is from my own observation. This is how I realized it. SO I have no one to prove this stuff. I only hope that if there are more of me that wake up, we can learn the entire story some how.

tongxin Post time 2013-11-21 23:47:59
jiminii replied at 2013-11-12 03:19
A friend of mine took me to someone who can ask questions and find out about myself. He is in a grou ...

Thank u for sharing your story and insight Jim. Sorry for didn't respond to you because of the recent busy work. And I would love to reply before reading your info carefully.  Welcome to New Oasis for Life!
jiminii Post time 2013-12-15 22:20:35
thank you

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