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i have a question

Publisher: mailjash | Publish time: 2012-10-20 04:05| Views: 2667| Num of Comments: 8|Thread manage logs

i have a question, i dont understand the following sentence:

422. People whose individualities are in less conflict with commonness

what its mean people's individualities ?
and with what commonness?

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conglong Post time 2012-10-20 07:45:43
Last edited by conglong on 2012-10-20 07:48

Hi Jash, let me give you two examples:

1.        Someone is used to sleep late and get up late too, say 9:00am in the morning, while in the community, the culture is everyone get up before 7:00am to work, so that person need to adjust his habbit and adapts to the community culture instead of keeping his old schedule.

2.        Someone loves Japaness food, while the community cooks mainly Chinese food, then he need to get used to it instead of complaining or insisting on that there should be Japaness food served everyday.

Generally speaking, that means one should be more flexible and quickly adapt to the culture of a community.

Hope you get what I mean and are happy with my answers.
tongxin Post time 2012-10-20 12:39:18
Dear Jash, thank you for asking question here! We'd like to have the chance answering any questions from the guests and share it publicly.

Like what conglong has answered, living in our community has some common principles to follow in order to cultivate ourselves and beautify our soul garden which mainly means to get off the old habits shaped in the past lives. Our community is a home for diligent, kind, simple and honest people, we're chasing the wealth of spirit and soul more than the material part. We're focusing on showing as much as possible the sincerity, beauty,kindness, love, faith and honesty of our soul garden and not insist on our own opinion or personalities.

So the commonness means when everybody works 6 hours a day, you'd better to do it too although nobody will watch and manage you, a chanyuan celestial adjust themselves to do it automatically; in the morning we get up before 7.am and at noon, we take rest for 2 hours, people won't make noise at that time. In the end of the month ,we play games and have party together, it's  the collective activities of our home and hopefully everybody would love to join and show his/her beauty and talents then etc. Basically everybody would like to adapt the new life mode and not insisting on his habits in the past is the commonness of our home.

The individuality means everyone can keep his own unique personality, just like flowers blooming fully in the garden and has its own color and beauty. As long as you don't do anything to hurt others, hurt the nature,hurt our home, you may be as free as possible and bloom out your own color. Our community has fertile earth for the flowering of everyone's nature. And most of us feel more happy, free and blessed here.

That's the relationship between individuality and commonness. Am I clear enough? If you have any doubts, please raise up and we'd like to answer you.

xidai Post time 2012-10-20 13:15:01
Wow,just as what dear Conglong and Tongxin have answered,their answers are perfectly clear to me then.

Thank you dear brother for asking  so that I can learn more from it for  I'm also a new one who is trying best  to learn more about 800 Values for New Era Human Being.Though I've already lived in our Home for one year, the learning is still needed more time.

BTW,I want to share dear Guider Xuefeng's article with you :

"Without individuality, life would be pallid. If a garden is overgrown with only one kind of flowers, it will be boring and monotonous; if it is a riot of colors with countless flowers in full bloom, the garden will then be lively and splendid. Every Chanyuan celestial should have individuality, must have characteristics distinct from other Chanyuan celestials. And we should protect, support, accommodate such individualities. We should not expect others to be exactly like ourselves. We should not set down requirements for others or find fault with others on the basis of our own habits and values, we should not bind others up or make indiscreet criticisms of others with standards that we ourselves think are correct.“

The generality of human society is maintained mainly through constitutions, laws and statutes, army, and police. Without these compulsory measures, human society will be plunged into confusion and chaos and will be governed by law of the jungle existing in the animal world, by which the strong prey upon the weak.

The generality of Lifechanyuan is maintained mainly through the values of Chanyuan. No constitution, laws and statutes, or army and police are needed. The generality is realized completely by  the same-frequency resonance of soul under Chanyuan values, and completely by everyone's free will and volition. No compulsory and mandatory measures shall be employed.
The generality of Lifechanyuan is the way of celestial being. Anyone who seeks joy, happiness, freedom, and blessing, looks forward to Thousand-Year World, Ten Thousand-Year World, and Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World, and enthusiastically involves himself in pioneering the era of Lifechanyuan is a person who has perfectly and harmoniously united his own individuality with the generality of Lifechanyuan.”
                         —from "The Unity Between Individuality and Generality in Lifechanyuan"
Hope all the answers will give you a good understanding about this value.Hugs!

mailjash Post time 2012-10-20 17:19:53
Thank you all for the clear explaination. I understand it now :)
And thank you xidai for the Guider Xuefeng's article.
xidai Post time 2012-10-20 19:05:43
Reply mailjash 's thread

You're so welcome ,dear brother!
daqicao Post time 2012-10-20 21:00:33
Last edited by daqicao on 2012-10-20 21:01

To several upstairs ~~ flowers!
qianlong Post time 2013-4-9 21:23:59
A very good answer!
tsman Post time 2014-5-16 22:37:47

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