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An Invitation to Global Communities for Alliance with the Second Home

Publisher: tongxin | Publish time: 2011-8-1 17:17| Views: 6532| Num of Comments: 8|Thread manage logs

An Invitation to Global Communities for Alliance with
the Second Home


Dear friends:

We all have the same dream, that is to make this earth a fairyland for people who are kind, honest, diligent, simple and trustworthy,and let all generations of mankind enjoy a happy, joyful, free and blessed life forever.

It would be impossible to realize this beautiful ideal if there are only several thousand people working for it. Only with the joint efforts of all the people around the world who are willing to commit themselves unselfishly and devote all their life to it, can this dream come true.
Here in China, we’ve created a new life mode -- the Second Home within two years. Our experiences have well proved that this new life mode--the Second Home has a very bright future.  We’ve reached the first milestone towards the dream and with gradual improvement,we expect that it will become the most ideal life mode for human beings.

The new life mode of
the Second Home has the following eight symbols:

1. No one worries about the matters of survival such as the food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death anymore. Everybody has a job or jobs to do; everybody has a place to live, everybody has clothes to wear and food to eat.

2. No one is working hard for feeding his/her parents and children anymore. Supporting the seniors is no longer the personal matters of sons and daughters, and nurturing children is not the personal concern of parents any more. There is no debt between people.

3. Everybody owns nothing but has everything. There is no marriage, no traditional family and no personal property.

4. “No one pockets anything found on the road, doors are unnecessarily to be shut in the evening”; trouble is hardly seen.

5. Implementing the paradise management, which means that no management is the best management. There isn’t any leaders or managers; nobody is being led or managed. Everyone tries his or her utmost in the work, and takes what he or she needs freely from the community. People all comply with the principle of no luxury and no waste.

6. The living environment is very clean, tidy and pleasant. Everybody looks positive, happy and healthy; there is perfect harmony between people and people, people and society, people and nature.

7. Everybody refuses to be lazy and everybody refuses to become a parasite.

8. Everyone tries his best to bring into full play their own character of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty. Everything contributes for the better to come.

We invite all communities in the world: whether they are  Utopian, communistic or idyllic, no matter which country, region, ethnic group, culture or religion your community comes from, please contact us and become our friend. Let’s work together to create the most ideal lifestyle for human beings.

The suggestions for forming the alliance are:

1. Exchange information and experience, let's learn from each other.   

2.  Exchange community members. As a start, you can send 2-3 people to our
and vice versa.

3. Promote the successful experience and share with other communites in the world.      

4. All Communications will be done on the internet and there would be no meetings.     

5. No dispute or compulsion, all is done on free will.  
6. No intervention into the internal business of another.Each community keeps its own character; no common rules or laws will be made. Let each one just bloom themselves, and allow a variety of different communities.

7.Religious belief is generally not discussed. The main focus of  communities is on how to make every member happy, joyful, free and blessed; and how to improve harmony between individuals, between the individual and the group, between people and nature.
8. No intervention in or attack on any secular society. There will be no intervention in or attack on  any secular government, political or religous party, propertied class, organization or group.

Life is a game, we should make it as enjoyable as possible. There is no need to stick to anything and nothing should hold us back. Nobody can escape death, so why don’t we just live our lives to the fullest?  Let’s show our passion, and make our lives the most happy, valuable and meaningful journey possible!

You are very much welcome to contact us through the following websites:

1.          New Oasis for Life (English):                     
            http://www.lifechanyuan.org;  http://www.newoasislife.org

2.         New Oasis For Life -- the Second Home of Lifechanyuan (English):         

3.          Lifechanyuan forum( Chinese):                                                               

4.          the Second Home  (Chinese):  

5.          University of Lifechanyuan(Chinese):                     

Best regards and look forward to hearing from you!

Founder of Lifechanyuan & the Second Home  

Latest comments

Grass Post time 2011-8-1 21:27:01
Last edited by Grass on 2011-8-1 21:29

Youthful lovely people,Magical second home! Life here is how happy happiness!
Only with the joint efforts of all the people around the world who are willing to commit themselves unselfishly and devote all their life to it, can this dream come true.
Let us create a harmonious and beautiful home, make our life  more happiness!Don't hesitate!   if only  we want, nothing can't!
xidai Post time 2011-8-2 09:19:10
Wonderful!!Thank dear tongxin !you did very well !
Let's try our best to send this invitation to them!
Oh yeah!!
Wish God bless!
tianjicao Post time 2011-8-2 17:03:22
Hope to unite the world, looking beautiful lifechanyuan era come sooner!
conglong Post time 2011-8-2 18:09:11
People living in the "Home without Marriage and Family" all look so happy! This home is magic!
Ailian Post time 2011-8-2 19:23:15
I can tell from everyone's smile how enjoyable this new life style is!
jinxing Post time 2011-8-2 20:31:12
I like this picture very well ,very well,very well!My God ,the great creator!
jinxing Post time 2011-8-2 20:33:42
tongxin Post time 2011-8-2 23:37:11
Ailian posted on 2011-8-2 19:23
I can tell from everyone's smile how enjoyable this new life style is!

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