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[41-85] The Greatest Creator and the Way of the Greatest Creator

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41. We revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, nature, and adhere to the way of the Greatest Creator.

42. The core of the Way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature. There is no coercion attached to the way of the Greatest Creator.

43. There is a supernatural soul in the universe—the Greatest Creator.

44. The Greatest Creator is the supreme leader of the universe, the master of all gods, the cradle of LIFE, the birthplace of wisdom, the creator of the universe and LIFE, the driving force of the universe, the energy center of the universe, the sweet spring in the desert, and the beacon in the dense fog. The Greatest Creator is the ancestor of Buddha, Allah, Grand Brahma, and Heaven.

45. The essence of the Way of the Greatest Creator is nature, love, and Tao. Nature is the feature of structure, love is the feature of energy, and the Tao is the feature of consciousness.

46. The Greatest Creator created the universe with 36-dimension space, 20 parallel worlds, and 36 Eight-Diagram tactics. Each has its respective magical functions, orders and rules.

47. The relation between man and the Greatest Creator is the most fundamental of all relations.

48. Nature is the Greatest Creator. That is to say, the Tao that governs everything and every phenomenon in the universe is evolving according to the order of the Greatest Creator.

49. The Greatest Creator has eight characteristics: only, amorphous, androgynous, mysterious, impartial, merciful, supremely powerful, and wise.

50. The Greatest Creator never conducts dialogues with a certain individual directly in human language.  Everything is the language of the Greatest Creator. The changing phenomena are the dialogues between the Greatest Creator and humanity.  People capable of understanding the wordless books are having direct dialogues with the Greatest Creator.

51. The Greatest Creator never records his will with words, never enters humanity’s mind to grant special edifications and instructions, never sounds out and reviews humanity, never worries that some deity or demon may usurp his throne, and never passes judgment on humanity.

52. Where is the Greatest Creator? The entity of the Greatest Creator is in the Zero World, and the spirit of the Greatest Creator is in everything in the universe. Where is the Zero World? The Zero World is the point of zero in the coordinate system, a point where the X axis, Y axis, and Z axis will all pass through. The twenty parallel worlds are all connected with the point of zero. As a result, the Greatest Creator exists simultaneously in all twenty. Without the Greatest Creator, none of twenty worlds would exist.

53. The Greatest Creator is the primary productive force. We need not conquer and transform nature. As long as we exist and live naturally in accordance with the natural laws, everything will be just fine.

54. The god in the Old Testament of the Bible is not the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator described in Lifechanyuan is not the well-known god in the bible, but the only spiritual entity with supernatural power and wisdom, which governs the operation and change of everything. In other words, the Greatest Creator is the headspring and primal momentum of everything. The consciousness of the Greatest Creator impartially acts on the whole universe and is not affected by differences in race, religion, and politics. Therefore there is only one Greatest Creator for the universe and humankind. Humanity’s conflicts in the areas of religion, race, and politics are all caused by the failure to recognize the real Greatest Creator.

55. All spirituality and wisdom originate from the Greatest Creator, and all glories remain with the Greatest Creator.

56. Wuji gives rise to Taiji, and Taiji is the Greatest Creator. Holographic order is the principle by which the Greatest Creator has created the universe. LIFE and the universe are created by the Greatest Creator in accordance with the strict law of physics. The Greatest Creator is the threshold of intellect, and the universe is the inevitable product of intellect.

57. Everything in nature is the language of the Greatest Creator, and every phenomenon in nature is the utterance of the Greatest Creator. Everything perceived by humanity with the five senses is the language and words of the Greatest Creator. To understand the language and words of the Greatest Creator, vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, and touch are not enough. Spiritual perception is needed. Without spiritual perception, we can never understand the words and language of the Greatest Creator and know the truth.

58. Everything in the universe has been created by the Greatest Creator according to the laws and principles of science. People who have mastered these laws and principles are the messengers of the Greatest Creator. They have obtained the power to interpret the Greatest Creator’s world and guide humankind.

59. There is only one coincidence in the universe, the birth of the Greatest Creator. Other than that, all other things are a matter of inevitability. Inevitability is the order of the universe, and the order of the universe is inevitable. The universe is harmoniously unified by the Tao. The Tao is law and principle. Everything within the scope of law and principle is inevitable. There are absolutely no coincident events. The Tao governs everything in the world. The purview of the Tao is so broad that nothing will be left out, and is so narrow that there is no such thing as the interior. Therefore everything that occurs in the universe is inevitable and not accidental. Coincidence is a link in the chain of inevitability.

60. There is no final judgment. Judgment is made at every moment. What judges LIFE is not the Greatest Creator, god, the Buddha, or Hades, but Tao of the Greatest Creator. The Tao of the Greatest Creator is operating every minute of the day.

61. As for the LIFE of the universe, it is the original intention and will of the Greatest Creator to let all LIVES forms live happily, joyfully, freely and blessedly.
62. The core of the Way of the Greatest Creator is “Reap what you have sown”. If you want to eat cucumber, then sow the seeds of cucumber in the field. In this way, what you may reap is undoubtedly cucumber, not watermelon or pumpkin. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the Tao, by whose principle you may undoubtedly “reap what you have sown”. If you deviate from it, you may reap beans from the seeds of melon and reap melon from the seeds of bean. To be more specific, on the soil of selfishness, greed, jealousy, resentment, ignorance, fatuity, and trickery, you may reap something different from the seeds you have sown. You may reap beans from the seeds of melons and vice versa. Only on the soil of kindness, honesty, credibility, and unselfishness can you “reap what you have sown”. If you want to “reap what you have sown” and realize your dream, you must follow the Way of Nature. If you stray from it, hope will become desperation and comedy will evolve into tragedy.
63. Understanding the Greatest Creator, revering the Greatest Creator, believing the Greatest Creator, and following the Way of the Greatest Creator is the precondition for humankind to initiate conscience. If awareness of the Greatest Creator is missing, it is difficult to initiate conscience and it may die out. A person without conscience is a sly hard nut. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is the fundamental prerequisite and guarantee for a happy life.
64. Anyone who wants to become the Greatest Creator is the incarnation or representative of demons; anyone who abets others to become the Greatest Creator is the representative and accomplice of demons.
65. Spirit is the highest level of energy in the universe, and the energy of spirit comes from the Greatest Creator. As long as we continue to believe in the Greatest Creator and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, we will have no lack the energy of spirit. Vitality and Psyche are the energies second only to spirit. The energy of Vitality mainly comes from the nimbus between heaven and earth, which includes the energy brought to humanity by everything in nature, namely the energy given to humanity by all the beauty of nature and the energy of carbohydrates converted from food. The energy of Psyche mainly comes from the level of consciousness. It is a structural energy, a program energy, and a belief energy, and can also be generalized as the energy of Tao. (Program energy is the energy people receive and emit from a set program. The program can be interpreted as a mode, the habit and culture formed in people’s life which could influence their way of thinking and consciousness. For example, traditional family and marriage is a program; community life is another program. )
66. One who leads a spiritual life reveres the Greatest Creator, perceives the profundity of the Tao with soul, pursues supreme authentic wisdom, and tries hard to achieve the highest realm of life. Please listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ to advance the Way of the Greatest Creator if you want to make achievements in your spiritual life.

67. Why should we follow the Way of the Greatest Creator? Because we will be able to get to any space only with the help of the Greatest Creator. Without the Greatest Creator, we can only circle in a certain space and can never get to other spaces.

68. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the road to happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessings. Keep a peaceful and rejoicing inner mind whether you are in a favorable circumstance or in adversity, in the face of desperation or death. Be convinced that the Greatest Creator is perceptive of the slightest errors and the Tao is definite about reward and punishment. Be fearless and let the Greatest Creator take charge of your LIFE and the Tao manage your life.

69. All things created by the Greatest Creator are arranged in clearly defined layers. As long as we obey the arrangement of the Greatest Creator, adhere to our duties, and move forward following the track of human nature, we will have an unregretful life, whether we are in favorable circumstances or adversity, in bright or dark situations.

70. All gods, celestial beings, monsters, demons, goblins and even the Buddha are powerless before the Greatest Creator. On the road of life and LIFE, everything will give way to us and cannot hurt us as long as we cling tightly to the hand of the Greatest Creator.

71. The Greatest Creator does not decide destiny. Everyone’s destiny is, in the final analysis, the result of one’s consciousness.

72. To appreciate and live harmoniously with things, it is important to reach beyond just understanding them. What is more important is to make use of them to serve us and broaden the scope of our free activity to the greatest extent. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is not to enduring hardships and sufferings but to enjoy life and LIFE, and maximize happiness and pleasure.

73. The most equitable “thing” in the universe is the Tao of the Greatest Creator, which is omniscient and meticulously conducts reward and punishment. We can reflect calmly on the reason why we are born into this world and consider it to be a combination of predestined relations or karmas. Everything seems at times to be in disorder and a contingent arrangement. Actually, everything before us is caused by our past words and actions (karma), whether we are in favorable circumstances or in adversity, happy or afflicted with sufferings.

74. The Way of the Greatest Creator has eight connotations:
1) the universe is the product of the Greatest Creator;
2) everything comes into being as a result of creation;
3) everything operates in the consciousness of the Greatest Creator – the Tao;
4) Express one’s true nature and act in accordance with the law of nature;
5) Revere and emulate the Greatest Creator;
6) reality is the portraiture of the respective free consciousness of different LIFE forms;
7) happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessedness are the themes of LIFE;
8) in the final analysis, everything is a game.

75. Great love is like a mountain, and is wordless. The Greatest Creator’s love for us is constant and eternal. It can never been expressed in human’s language. If conditions are attached to love, if love should be expressed in words, or it expects repayment, then such love can only be called small love not great love.

76. Why should we revere the Greatest Creator? The Greatest Creator is the supreme sovereign of the universe, the creator of LIFE, the guardian of equity and order. Without the Greatest Creator, the universe, humankind, god and Buddha would not exist.  Can we not feel awe and respect? When we feel awe, we hold our desire in check, we follow the laws of nature; we understand “there are divinities watching over us” so that we dare not harbor evil idea and conduct misdeeds, and we live in harmony with each other and nature instead of doing whatever we want to do and butchering beings. Awe and respect derive from feelings of gratitude, humility, the passionate love of life, and the heart-felt esteem for its creator and governor.

77. If we don’t follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, we cannot solve the issue of survival; if we don’t sublime the quality of LIFE, there could not be excellent survival.

78. The Way of the Greatest Creator is neither private ownership nor public ownership but non-ownership, in which resources are not delineated.  Everyone gets what they need and does not occupy nor hoard. In this Way, the human world reflects the ideal land where beautiful dreams are realized.

79. “Humans propose and god disposes”. That is to say, one’s success in achieving something relies on 30% individual diligence and 70% “god’s help”. The “god’s help”, in this sense, means the Greatest Creator, the Tao, the program, “good timing, geographical convenience, harmonious human relationships”, and nature. Human wisdom and endeavor are limited. If time and geographical position are not favorable, one may achieve nothing regardless of effort.  

80. Follow the Way of the Greatest Creator to disengage from the abyss of misery and arrive directly at the most ideal realm of LIFE. Follow the Way of the Greatest Creator to connect with the origin of the universe and enjoy the eternal pleasure of LIFE. Follow the Way of the Greatest Creator to shake off the bondage of time and space and allow thoughts to race freely and consciousness to expand across an infinite universe. Follow the Way of the Greatest Creator to be meritorious and virtuous, pay back the debts of generations, enjoy a limpid mind, rejoice in unfettered consciousness, and realize your dreams.

81. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the most convenient, simple, direct and effective way. By following the Way of the Greatest Creator, one can dispense with all the taboos, one need not immerse oneself every day in the research and exploration of the Tao, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, credibility, and art. One need not chant scriptures and pray every day or go to great length to cultivate special magical power and arts.  One need not tread a long way to inquire of the enlightened and or engage in debate.  Living in a natural way is enough.   

82. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the Way of nature. Everything comes naturally. It is not in harmony with Tao to expect to obtain something and achieve something hastily. “Success will come when conditions are ripe”—this is a law of nature. Force and compulsion are against nature. Conscious effort and adherence to the laws of nature work in harmony. Without conscious effort, we can only circle the original spot and cannot escape bewilderment and the 36 eight-diagram arrays. Without an attitude and state of mind in harmony with Tao, we feel anxious, contentious, and impatient and our rush to success may backfire. What we get may be the opposite of what we wished for.

83. For five thousand years, humanity has had only a smattering of knowledge of the Greatest Creator. When we learn more, awe and reverence for the Greatest Creator will grow.  Without awe and reverence for the Greatest Creator, we are left perplexed and doleful. The human society as a whole will not be able to eliminate the hidden troubles and establish an auspicious and peaceful vital force in harmony with nature. If an individual wants to have a perfect life, he has only one way, the Way of the Greatest Creator; if the whole society wants to keep itself from going astray, it has only one way to follow, the Way of the Greatest Creator.

To follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, we should distinguish the Greatest Creator from god. The Greatest Creator is the Greatest Creator and god is god, we cannot confuse god with the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator is supreme. There are many other gods. Jesus is god and he instructs us, in definite terms, to follow his heavenly father, the Greatest Creator.  Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is in harmony with the teachings and will of Jesus.  

Thus, we must be on our guard and prevent ourselves from going astray when someone instructs us to follow the way of god and listen to the teachings of god, because even Satan is also a god. Of course, neither should we follow the way of Buddha, the way of celestial beings, the way of man, and the way of demons.

84. The Way of the Greatest Creator is profound and intensive, with rich connotations and extensions. It transcends time and space and governs everything in the universe. It is so extensive that there is no exterior and it can be so narrow that there is no interior. It operates everything and decides the universe. It is the Way of light, the Way of creation, the Way of LIFE, the Way of love, the Way of freedom, the Way of happiness, the Way of magic, and the Way of holographic order.

85. The Greatest Creator is love, sincerity, kindness, beauty, faith and honesty, is happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing. So we should emulate the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator, as what it is called, is also a wonderful creator, so we should emulate the Greatest Creator, engage in labor and creation and enjoy it. The Greatest Creator per se is also unselfish dedication, so be like the Greatest Creator and derive happiness from unselfish dedication.

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The Greatest Creator,Unlimited worship love you!
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Take the road of The Greatest Creator will have a bright future !
I want everyone to take the road of The Greatest Creator
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"You should be brave to have the Greatest Creator take charge of your LIFE and have the Tao manage your life."
Yes, I am doing so, and doing so that I have more and more wonderful feeling.

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The knowledge of the Greates Creator is one of the most greatest dedications of Xuefeng, by following the way of the Greatest Creator, i have obtained more and more happiness and pleasure also a limpid mind and clear consciousness.
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